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about kyra kyra –

i am into - 

inspiration that leads me to ideas. the ones i can not stop thinking about, with unlimited creativity, sense of peculiar beauty, visionary visual aesthetics, the ones that totally reflect myself. 

i intertwine expertise from different perspectives for my creative work. after all of my years doing creative work & art i can dive deep into the creative process. 


the aestetic encounter to other people means a lot to me. being on eye level and participate with others always open up new perspectives in creative projects. i care about each others uniqueness & that’s the way i am. 


enter the visual aesthetics

i am connected to art as ...

... an artist - kyrakyra;

drawing, painting, installation, performance

... an lecturer 

​at LichtwarkSchule 

... scientific assistant –

​for creative studies

... a master student in intermedial art therapy 

at medical school hamburg



i am always up for creative collaborative work with others or even just a chat to connect. so i am happy to get your message. =)

creative services

creative services


©2023 kyra braatz.

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